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Karhulahti farm

Since the times of the vikings, the current region of the Karhulahti farm has been used for rest and passage by huntsmen.

These days the Karhulahti farm has focused on natural horse tourism. We offer you the chance to ride a horse on a field, in country, or in a lake. The rides always begin with leading the horse. The country routes start from the farm yard and they cover the untamed Finnish nature in the Halsua wilderness.

For accommodation, we offer a traditional cabin and sauna by the lakeside. In addition, the main building of the farm contains housing for travellers. The sauna is wood-heated, and the lake Halsua can be dived into throughout the year. Riding camps are organized during summers and winters and mushroom and berry safaris during every fall. The food ingredients are acquired locally in a traditional manner, preferably from the local woods. The visits are tailored according to the desires of the guests.

Horses and wild nature form the foundation for the activities of the Karhulahti farm and help us offer experiences for our guests. Pony cart rides are popular, and assisted riding is suitable for everybody. Karhulahti farm containing both the lush shores of Suomenselkä and rugged wilderness offers you unforgettable experiences.

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